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2023 Bantam Summer - Registration Form

Section 2023 Bantam Summer (8 week Program) (2023 Jul 04-Aug 25) - Change Section

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Registration Policy

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club Member (PRCC)/Parental Acknowledgement and release
(please read and acknowledge your agreement below)

Please note:
For registrations that are paid by Credit card – your/ your child(ren)'s spots are instantly guaranteed, and the initial automated confirmation slip is all that you require.

On the first day of the program please bring your email confirmation and any forms that may be emailed to you. Failure to bring these forms may result in you or your child being REFUSED admission to the program.

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club Member/Parental Acknowledgement and release
(please read and acknowledge your agreement below)

All Camp/memberships are non-transferable.
Any refund will take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.
75% refund if notified at least 1 month before start date
50% refund with 2 weeks’ notice of start date
25% refund with 1 week of start date

If your program requires a volunteer cheque, the program is not considered fully paid until a volunteer cheque has been received. Volunteer cheques should be submitted on the first day of your program or before. All refunds may be subject to a $35.00 administration fee. A full refund of your membership will be granted if an e-mailed request to registrar@pickeringrouge.ca is received withing 24hrs of registering or more than 1 month remains before the start of the program. Memberships are active from the start of the program. They become non-active at the end of the season or upon our receipt of your application for refund. Refunds after the start of the program will only be considered for medical reasons with proper medical documentation. Non-use will not be considered a reason for a refund of membership. Refunds are not given for inclement weather.

PRCC has the option to remove you(r)/child/children from the program with no monetary reimbursement if there is a concern for their safety/well-being or the safety/well-being of others, including other participants, staff, or members of the public. This can include, but is not limited to; instances of bullying, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, stealing or damaging property, disruption of the program, leaving the program without permission, use of non-camp related equipment or technology, lack of respect for the program or staff, and/or various other instances of disturbing or inappropriate behaviour.

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club reserves the right to change schedules, coaches, and/or Counsellors as needed without compensation or notice.

I have read and agree to the Registration Policy above